The Buzz

Hello! I was hoping you would stop by! Things are buzzing around here, and it’s not just the coffee…

import november 2012 121I’m Eleanor, and I drink my coffee black. My life experience includes roles as a mother, a hotel manager, bartender, ribbon-barrette-maker, and salesperson. I have worn a nametag and smile for the majority of my working life, and I am most at home when we are talking face to face.

I believe in the power of an infectious smile. I believe in eye contact. I believe in personal pep talks. I believe in the importance of dreaming out loud over extra large cups of coffee. I believe a positive attitude can get you anywhere.

So here I am, a self-proclaimed positive attitude advocate. Let me buy you a cup of coffee. Tell me your dreams. I’m going to help you realize them.

Let’s get fueled by enthusiasm!